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French-born Dr. Agnes Guibout, Ph.D., DCH, an authentic clairaudient and clairvoyant since birth, is also a certified therapist in the following areas of expertise: clinical hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, and allergy elimination therapy. She is also a certified coach and practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as a certified Time Line TherapyTM practitioner. In addition, she has also been a certified crystal healer for over fifteen years, a Reiki master( Usui method), a certified clairvoyant counselor and energy healer. agnes guibout

Dr. Agnes came to Tokyo, Japan, after studying Japanese at Paris University. She worked as a journalist in the fashion and beauty industry . However, an intense personal crisis over fifteen years ago led her to understand the effect painful emotions and stress had on one's mind and body and the aging process. As a result of this life altering experience she began to study hypnosis and its affects on the mind/body/spirit connection.

Considered a therapist who brings beauty into her client from the inside out. she has created a popular and successful seven-session beauty program aimed at helping her clients regain confidence in their appearance. Her "Seven Week Holistic Rejuvenation Program" enables her clients to look from three to ten years younger, a change visibly depicted on before and after photographs.

Dr. Agnes has also created a unique healing technique that releases cellular memories from present and pastlife traumas that have been stored in the tissues of the body. Her original "Chakra Clearing Therapy," the subject of her Ph.D. dissertation, uses this information and has resulted in many body/mind/spirit healings, as attested to by her many testimonials.

Since 2003, Dr. Agnes Guibout has been presenting in Conventions and corporations in the USA and elsewhere She is internationally known for her rejuvenation therapies and her Past Life Chakra Clearing Therapy where she helps you to reach into a pastlife, wash out the pain, repair the damage, and gives you courage and direction to continue your journey through life in a happy and healthy and more resourceful way. In her valuable work as a Life Skills Coach for over 15 years she has built a clientele from thousands of satisfied clients.

Since Dr. Agnes is multi-lingual, she can conduct sessions in English, Japanese, French and Spanish depending upon the needs of her clients and provides all of her clients with a money back guarantee.

She also has special evening and weekend sessions to make her services available to clients who are unable to schedule visits during normal business hours.

Phone readings are also available. Dr. Agnes will send you the one and only gratuity tape of your reading. Although these tapes are not guaranteed to be delivered by the post office or against any malfunction because they are again a gratuity, the fee is for your reading itself, not the tape.

Dr. Agnes in no way endeavors to control your life. You need to rely on your own sound judgement, common sense, and the facts available to you at the time you make your decisions. Look upon your reading as another source of information to help you move foward in life in a more resourceful happy and healthy way.

You have complete privacy, which is never violated. Your readings are never discussed with anyone.. A client list is never published nor is a list of clients distributed to anyone.