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Chakra disorders are invariably related to issues associated with the past, whether it is the present lifetime or previous ones. This technique helps to keep the chi (life force) energy flowing through the chakra system.
These sessions are unique and are designed for clients who are resistant to pastlife regression. Dr. Guibout utilizes her psychic intuition combined with her clairvoyant and clairaudient skills to unblock each of the seven chakras. By uncovering and releasing the cell memories related to the past lives she is able to heal mental, emotional and physical problems affecting the client's current life. Memories are stored within the cellular structure of a body and are the basis for any physical, emotional and spiritual issues, and recognizing and removing negative cellular memories is vital to healing.

The fee varies according to the duration of the session.
Please do not hesitate to call to discuss your issue

*This session is also available on the telephone.
First session of 2 hour ・・・\24.000
From second session 1 hour 30 minuts・・・\18,000