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Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in:
  • Resolving past traumas.
  • Healing the "inner child" and learning to love and accept yourself
  • Overcoming depression and transforming your attitudes toward your life, work,and family.
  • Changing unwanted behavioral patterns: Acquire new healthy habits to stop smoking and release excess weight.
  • Recalling past lives and releasing their deleterious consequences in our present lifetime
  • Understanding repeated patterns, self-defeating behavior, important
  • soul lessons and purpose and opening us up to discover our soulmate.
  • Handling stress and worry more positively.
  • Overcoming sleep disorders.
  • Improving self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Conquering fear and phobias*
  • Overcoming the hold of anger, grief, guilt or jealousy.
  • Improving memory and concentration, releasing anxiety for exam preparation
  • Helping in pain management, menstrual disorders, sexual dysfunction and enhancement,etc.*
  • Eliminating allergies*
  • Achieving Peak Performance
  • And much more.
* Some therapies may require a medical referral.